So Sleepy

I got an email today in my UNB inbox about a 2-week volunteering program in a country of your choice; those being: Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Thailand, Eastern Europe and South Africa.

I plan on going for the information session they’re holding this Thursday.

See their website:


I feel so sleepy. It’s 11:33am and I still feel groggy, even after having a big breakfast. Foof. In half an hour I’ll be opening my very boring Canadian Politics textbook to study the first four chapters and then get down to doing my film reflection assignment. I’m actually excited to start that since the topic I’ve picked is really interesting and something I have a lot to say about. So at least that’ll go fairly easy. After I’m done with that, I’ll give it to Shona so she can change it to APA format.

Hmm, I am in no mood to study.

I don’t feel like doing anything today except lying around in bed.

And doing nothing.


I think I’ll go have a shower to wake myself up.

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2 thoughts on “So Sleepy

  1. sigh why cant mahe have some volunteering stuff like you guys have, how lucky are you…
    anyways please lemme know how this goes… mwah

    • It’s not a university thing! The ISV student executives come by several universities around the world and explain what their program is so that they can get volunteers. It’s not specific to one university alone and it’s not a university made program. It’s a world-wide thing which means that even you can apply. It’s open to everyone from everywhere.

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