What Do You See?

What do you see?

I see a bat! And an evil cat with vampire-like fangs. And I also see a winged alien being using his thumb and index finger to sign the alphabet ‘L’ (‘L’ for loser of course) while riding his space mobile.

Yes I know my vivid imagination is awing. It’s a gift *flips hair*

So these Rorschach inkblots were brought on by listening like the attentive girl that I am to my professor talking about methods used in clinical tests. I don’t think (but maybe that’s because I’m not fully aware of how useful it is) that it’s such a helpful technique ‘cos everyone’s idea of what an inkblot looks like varies and so it’s hard to categorize whose answer is normal and whose isn’t. Unless that person says the inkblot looks like the face of the man who’s trying to eat their liver. Or something.

I have so much of school work to do. If I were in Dubai, we’d be having Eid holidays and I’d have been able to catch up and be done with all those stupid assignments I have to submit very soon. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Well at least there’s that one lone holiday of Thanksgiving they have kindly granted that I can look forward to use to complete my work.

After which I have two midterms the very next day.
Go figure.

While browsing for an inkblot, I found this cartoon.
It’s pretty funny!

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2 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. I see transformers mask face thing

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