Boyfriend Drama

I caught the bus to get back home from uni and I sat in the seat in front of a girl who was talking pretty loud on her cell phone to her boyfriend. Their conversation made me want to erupt in a fit of giggles. They were in the midst of having a heated argument and her voice progressively got louder and more enraged as they continued fighting.

It was so hilarious!

The bus wasn’t packed but there were a couple of people who turned around to look back at her and some that were clearly trying to pretend like they couldn’t hear her. As for me, I was biting my lip to stop myself from grinning.

Now apparently her boyfriend has been treating her like shit ever since he’s made a new ‘friend’. And now because of this new ‘friend’, he’d been doing a lot of naughty things and acting like a real (and I quote) ‘fucking jerk’.

Ah the woes of being in a relationship!

I half wanted to turn around and say “Dump his ass woman!” but I have enough people who think I’m weird already. Then for about a minute, the only sentence she was saying was "No I’m not complaining. NO, I’m not. I am not complaining Chris. I’m NOT complaining” and on and on until I wanted to take the phone and tell Chris that she really wasn’t complaining.

Anyway, I had a pretty bland day today. All I did was go for class, grab some lunch and take the bus back home. In a bit I’m going to have to start my third Stats assignment. How fun.

Until then, I’m going to be on MSN and hopefully catch up on things with Aarti.

That’s all folks.

Scaramouche! Scaramouche!

Will you do the fandango?

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2 thoughts on “Boyfriend Drama

  1. Oh don’t we all love listening in on conversations and pretending that we don’t hear em’..
    I do it all the time, especially when I’m in a restaurant and when I hear something interesting.. mwahahaha
    Dearie when you do get the time I would like you to help me make my LJ look nice nice like this..
    Maybe then I would write more entries…
    Mwah… I Miss you loads..
    I left a little rant on msn… enjoy hehe..

  2. Yeah you bet! I’ll send you links to communities that design layouts 🙂

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