“How Can She Slap?”

I thought Japanese game shows were weirdly entertaining, but this one takes the cake.
There’s this Indian game show called Dadagiri and the contestants have to survive three rounds of insults by the show’s bullies and compete against each other to win 50,000 Rupees in cash prize.

The woman in the video is Esha The Goddess – the self-proclaimed “meanest, nastiest girl from college”.

Her job is to put down the contestants and she particularly hates people with ugly faces as is said on her profile page. The show is 70% scripted and the rest is improvised and in this particular episode, Esha tells one of the contestants (who is refusing to get flustered at her verbal jabs, thus defeating the purpose of the show)—”Why don’t you fuck off then”? The contestant, looks cutely at her and says “You go”. And then the dominatrix raises the bar for reality TV forever by slapping the contestant, in a way seen only in Hindi family dramas (except those are fake).

And then something even more amazing happened. HE SLAPPED HER BACK.

In doing so, he deviated from the script and caused an uproar as all the crew members surrounded him and proceeded to beat him up.

The Slap(s).

It was funny but mostly sad and I felt sorry for both of them. I mean, it was her job to be a bitch and in the heat of the moment, she must have lost all sense and slapped him (but yes it was wrong). As for him, well, getting beat up by a crowd on TV is not something people want to be on TV for and besides, it was in all fairness when he slapped her back and I probably would’ve done that too. Some others may argue that while criticism from judges for a performance is par for the course, getting slapped (and then being beaten and kicked by a crowd), even in a show themed exclusively on degrading an individual, is definitely not.

If this is not TV gold, I don’t know what is.
I had only one thing to say after watching that clip.

How can she slap? HOW CAN SHE SLAP?

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One thought on ““How Can She Slap?”

  1. she WAS so totally the bitch who created the whole drama
    Im happy he slapped her back she had no right to do that
    and I felt so insanely bad when everyone started hitting him
    Always hapens in India,and yes some other places too no doubt
    100 versus 1..what sort of sick pleasure do they get from tht

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