Payday! I love payday! Glorious, beautiful payday! Makes the weeks work all worthwhile. Now I am uncertain as to whether I should get my first DSLR Camera or if I should wait a bit. I’m so eager to get one but I worry that I won’t use it as much as I should and that this whole thing is a phase and after I have one, it’ll just sit in a corner of my room collecting dust due to my lack of inspiration. Then again, the reverse could happen and I’ll never put if down. Ai saiba, I’m confused. There’s that and the fact that they’re so friggin expensive… it’ll take a whole chunk out of my savings…

That’s the thing about me. I have these phases. I get so interested in something that I do it for months together and then gradually my enthusiasm for it wanes away and then I leave it alone for a long time ‘cos the mere thought of it makes me bored. And then I’ll get a flash of interest and I’ll resume course only to drop it again after a couple of months. It’s a never-ending cycle… maybe this is normal?

Anyhoo, I’m tempted to sneak out my mom’s car for a nice, long drive. I’ve done this way more times than is excusable but unfortunately I can’t resist doing it, especially because it’s so wrong, Hah! I wonder if I’ll be half as excited to take a drive when I officially get my drivers license. It’ll probably take the excitement away since it isn’t illegal. Tsk. Whatever it is, I know I’m not going to stop ‘til the day comes that I get caught. But I’m hoping I’ll have a little more will power before that happens.

On a different note, I want another pet ladybug.

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